Questions & Answers

Airbus OpenLine – Questions & Answers

What can I report?

All Airbus employees, including interns and temporary workers, may use the Airbus OpenLine to submit an alert on the following topics:1

1. Bribery - giving, offering, promising or receiving anything of value in order to obtain or retain business or other improper advantage; active bribery refers to a bribe paid by or on behalf of Airbus; passive bribery refers to receipt of a bribe by someone at Airbus. This includes the making of facilitation payments, i.e. small, unofficial payments to low-level public officials to speed up or obtain routine administrative processes.

2. Fraud - misstatement or omissions in accounting records and financial statements that are designed to deceive the users of such information, misappropriation of assets by dishonestly appropriating, concealing or misusing Airbus’ assets, and violation of anti-money laundering laws.

3. Competition - violation of regulations relating to competition and antitrust, unauthorised access to confidential or classified information.

4. Conflict of Interest - situations in which an employee’s personal interests interfere, or appear to interfere, with his/her ability to perform his/her job without bias.

5. Data protection - any breach of data protection rules and regulations.

6. Export control and sanctions - violation of national or international laws and regulations relating to export controls, including materials, services and technologies designed for military or dual use purpose by an entity. Commercial activity with prohibited parties (for example in the context of international sanctions).

7. Human resources - issues related to violations of HR policies or regulations or misconduct related to inclusion & diversity that are not otherwise captured by another category, such as: a. Discrimination b. Harassment (moral and/or sexual) c. Retaliation against a person for having made an alert or assisted in an investigation.

8. Procurement - issues with suppliers or subcontracts which are not fraud-related.

9. Product safety - any allegation that the safety of Airbus products has been compromised that may endanger or injure passengers and crew flying in an aircraft, or cause injury to ground personnel working on the aircraft.

10. Security incidents and intellectual property - any breach of security policies including physical security, IT security, or unauthorised disclosure of confidential information owned by the company or entrusted to Airbus by third parties.

11. Responsibility and sustainability - any breach of Airbus commitment to corporate citizenship including its responsibilities towards the environment, the health and safety of its employees and its stakeholders, as well as human rights (Airbus zero tolerance approach to modern slavery, including servitude, forced labour and human trafficking within its business and its operations).

Third parties such as suppliers, customers or subcontractors may use the OpenLine to submit an alert in accordance with applicable laws.

Alerts containing classified information or controlled unclassified information cannot be registered.

What happens when contacting the Airbus OpenLine?

Users of the system can submit an alert in one of two ways:
1. They can call a dedicated phone number, or
2. They can go to the dedicated website (

Alerts will be received by the external service provider (Deloitte), which will prepare and send a report to the Airbus Ethics & Compliance Office.

Who will take my alert?

To ensure integrity of the OpenLine system, Airbus has outsourced its management to a specialised external service provider (Deloitte). Alerts are received in a secure environment by a restricted number of trained personnel employed by the service provider. The confidential information provided through the OpenLine, including personal data, will be stored in France only, on the IT servers of the external service provider.2

Will I receive a feedback?

An acknowledgement of receipt will be provided as soon as possible to the reporter via the OpenLine. At the end of the investigation, the reporter will receive feedback about its outcome.

Can I remain anonymous? Will my name be protected?

Users of the OpenLine have the choice either to disclose their identity to Airbus, or to remain anonymous where legally permissible. If the user shares his/her identity, Airbus will make all possible efforts to protect it from disclosure. If the reporter decides to remain anonymous, the only communication channel between the person and Airbus Ethics & Compliance will be through the OpenLine system. The reporter will receive a code when filing the alert, which will link to a dedicated account created for that alert. Both the reporter and the Ethics & Compliance investigator will have the possibility to upload messages to each other through that account.

For more information, contact

1 As indicated in the national notices provided to the user when submitting an alert, some local regulations restrict the areas covered by OpenLine.

2 Except for alerts submitted from or concerning incidents in Russia or China. In order to comply with local regulations, these will be stored on secured IT servers located in the respective countries. These servers will also be managed by the external service provider.